Want to quickly setup your first autoresponder? (Download This Quick Start PDF)

Here is how to do it!

Step 1: Click “Add New Autoresponder“. Fill in the two Fields.

Step 2: Go to MESSAGES menu item. Select View/Edit/Add Message

Step 3: Setup New Plain Text MessageĀ  Such as “Hi and welcome to my newsletter. Thanks! etc” Save message.

Step 4: Go to FORM CODE menu item. Select Generate small form code and click continue. Click continue again on next page.

Step 5: Place mouse inside the box where the code is – right click and “select all” code will highlight blue. Right click on the blue code again and select “copy” The code is now in your computers clipboard.

Step 6: Open up your webpage where you want the form to beĀ  – use any HTML editor such as Microsoft Expression – Paste the code into the SOURCE CODE of your website where you want it to go.

Step 7: Preview the webpage, most editors have this function – test it by signing yourself up!

Now upload your website page to your hosting company and get subscribers.

This fast setup will use the built in defaults for subscriber confirmation and where they go after confirming – all of which you can customize later if you wish.

It is advisable – but not essential – to setup the SIGNUP SUCCESS url as well as the Confirmation Required Redirect URL found in the Configuration MENU if you want them to end up on your website.

Click here to see a simple youtube video of the basic setup – turn on annotations!