Time For Some Free Graphics! (With Private Label Rights)

Time For Some Free Graphics!

I admit it – I am an addict for collecting graphics of all types.

There is just so many uses for them in everybody’s business including mine that I always grab them if I can.  And if they are free with private label rights so much the better.

Well OK – you have to LIKE ME to unlock them but it’s worth it  🙂

So here is a bunch of them I have collected and you can go get them.

PLUS A Bit More 🙂

20 TwitterTemplates With PLR

5 One Time Offer Pages

Arrows, Headers & Numbers

Web 2.0 Graphics & Designer

100 PLR  Graphics  Collection

15 HOT Mini-Sites

15 HOT Mini-Sites

15 HOT Mini-Sites

10 original WordPress templates

65 Private Label Landing Pages

 10 More WordPress Niche Themes

15 Photoshop Actions PLR

The 50 Most Downloaded Open Source CSS WebSites


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I am sure you will get a lot of use out of them!

Best Regards – Phil


Improving your conversion copy – an infographic

Improving your conversion copy – an infographic

This infographic emphasizes the idea that each step of your conversion funnel should have “one job ” Like on an assembly line, every element on your page and in your funnel has 1 job to do to keep a conversion moving forward.”

If any step in your conversion path is broken or incomplete then you will lose a sign-up or  a sale.

Often there just seems to be too many factors to juggle but in fact the key is knowing that each step is independent from the other and has only one purpose, to move the visitor smoothly along your funnel.  This infographic shows each step along the way.

Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

Making Money With Emails Series

Making Money With Emails Series


I wanted to write a few posts about using your mailing list properly. Some stuff is pretty common sense and some a bit more detailed and not as well-known as it could be. Along the way I hope to give you a few secrets about email marketing that will help you be a better email marketer.

Since I own an Autoresponder company I have seen untold amount of email campaigns and tested a lot of variables to find out what works and what doesn’t work as well as having to deal with issues of Spam and deliver-ability.

The fact is that having a mailing list and providing valuable information to it is probably going to be your easiest and most reliable way to make money on the web.2d83a013efea9f4fe57c44e0_1920

  • So it’s a good idea to know some of the tips that will maximize your earnings and reduce the chances of you losing your list due to spam complaints and various other pitfalls. Let’s talk about why you should use email marketing….
    • First of all do you even need to do it? The simple answer is absolutely – 3c75782a167f85ebf0d6080a_1920 everything you do should be geared towards building your email lists. 415c92622dfab30d328ab876_1920
    • It cost very little so the return on investment is immediate and substantial not to mention your market is the whole world. You don’t need anybody’s help to start doing it and with a small amount of knowledge you can write emails, send them and make an income.
    • All you need is an autoresponder service and a way to collect email addresses – such as from your websites, giveaways, ad swaps and many other possibilities which I will go into detail about later
  • Most people are aware that it is essential to stay in touch with your subscribers, newsletter readers and website visitors. It takes time to build up a base of customers who know you, trust you and are willing to learn from you – not to mention put out their hard-earned money and nothing does it better than email marketing.

    “FREE REPORT: Discover 100 Valuable Tips To Generating More Subscribers To Your Email List Starting Today”

    You have the ability to call each customer by name (an automatic function built into almost all autoresponder systems (such as rapidresponsebot.com) and address them directly in a personal manner.It is simple human nature to feel more comfortable about someone who you have come to recognize and trust and email marketing provides you with a chance to do that.

  • As well as communicating better you can sort your customers into specific groups whose 0ddba128aeb3ebcc1d5bab7b_1920interests are defined by their specific wants and needs and you will be able to target those groups with better results.
  • Through email marketing you can see who has responded and what they have responded to – thereby giving you an insight to better tailor your topics and products to suit your customers. Not to mention your subscribers have an email sitting on their computer they can refer to or even just stumble across and remember you again at a later date.
  • There is very little downside to email marketing and tremendous upside so always make it a priority – My next post will address the actual creation of your emails and the kinds of things you need to do to create a successful email marketing campaign.

3 Tools for Improving Your Email Impact

Tools for Improving Your Email Impact

It is always a good idea to improve the quality of your emails and these little tools can help. With them you can quickly analyze the impact of your headlines, generate email subject line ideas and format your emails to the most common standards.


f0f6f1113c30b7032af48cf0_1920Advanced Marketing Institute – Headline Analyzer.

This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you know, reaching your customers in a deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting, and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects.



70c6e141fcec494b6a46bb5b_1920Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Allows you to generate great title suggestions for your email subjects, blog posts, articles and much more!




94d14f54905dfd62e5948bdf_1920Formatting Tool

– Allows you to easily format your emails online.





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Best Regards
Phil Eugene – www.Rapidresponsebot.com

Easiest Way Ever To Remove WordPress Page Titles

A lot of my clients use wordpress but don’t want the page titles to appear in every page or post. Especially if you want your wordpress site  to look like a regular website.

So here is the Easiest Way Ever To Remove WordPress Page Titles!

If you look around you will see a lot of tutorials telling you to edit the code of your pages.php or other templates. While this is fine if you are confident you won’t break your site there is an easier way! Go to your ADD PLUGINS section in WordPress and ADD NEW plugin,

Search for HIDE PAGE AND POST TITLES – there are a few others but this one seems to work well.


Once you find it just install and activate it:

Installing Plugin

Now go to any of your pages and select EDIT

pages to disable


You will now see an option on the lower right to HIDE TITLE – just select it and there you go – no more title. 


You will have to select each Page and set the HIDE TITLE option on any existing Page you want the Title hidden.

After that when you create a new Page just select the HIDE TITLE option

Simple and easy!

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How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics Data

I just can’t resist Quicksprout’s Info-graphics – they are informative and pretty 🙂

This one is about “How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics” Data – always a crowd pleaser for the PPC crowd!

I don’t know if my subscribers like them but I hope so!

You can always leave a comment and tell me! And if your interested my Anniversary Sale for my Autoresponder Service ends  – it has been a blast with over 300 people grabbing the sale offer – well sure because it’s an unheard of opportunity if I say so myself ..and I do!

Take care and hope to hear from you. – Phil Eugene

THIS INFO GRAPHIC Made by www.QuickSprout.com !Google_Analytics_Infographic-Optimized-1

THIS INFO GRAPHIC Made by www.QuickSprout.com !

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  • The Extremely Simple $500+/Month System For Newbies and
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See stress as a positive

Changing the way you think about or perceive stress can change what stress does to you – see stress as a positive.

stressStress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.

No matter if you work online like me – or in an office or at sea 🙂

Being happy makes your job easier …

A Quick Traffic Tip – Use JustRetweet

A Quick Traffic Tip  – Use JustRetweet

I would hope everyone has a twitter account for your business by now – if not go get one now please   

follow me on twitterFollow me on Twitter –
I’ll follow you back!

I have posted elsewhere on the site about various ways to increase your twitter following but wanted to drop a mention about JustRetweet

It’s  a fact that tweets that are retweeted get a much bigger response and  JustRetweet provides a great free platform for greatly increasing your chances.

JustRetweet excels at the viral power of getting your tweets ReTweeted

What is JustRetweet?

JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that will help you get more Retweets, Facebook Likes and Google PlusOnes to your blog posts by allowing other members to promote your content . There’s no question that Twitter/Facebook/Google+ can provide more social proof to your content and drive more traffic. Especially if you are publishing great, quality content.

It’s easy and free – give it a go!