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Should you sell the first 10 days of your email campaign???

Your first 10 emails in your autoresponder campaign should focus on building trust and relationship.

You see, in my experience, most people don’t buy the first 10 days on your campaign anyway.

But if you spend your time the first 10 days “selling” then you will push people away who need to build trust with you first.

You see, people buy based on trust online, not based on you sending them a sales letter everyday.

You can’t force people to buy from you.

Instead, send them content emails (like this one) and teach them something new each day.

Some people will be content with just getting free information.

And the ones who want to really dig deep and buy your products, they will respond through a gentle recommendation at the end of the email.

But just remember for each email you write, your focus should be on delivering content, not forcing sales.

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