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money-2I was looking at a couple of Forums today and going crazy over all the hype that newcomers have to deal with.

How the heck are you supposed to
make money online with all the noise and shiny objects thrown at you?


I know one thing – you need to sell things – not buy things to make money online.

So that’s what I do – I sell my service – http://www.rapidresponsebot.com,

I sell many other products.

It took time and energy to learn  – there is no instant cash machine.

You have to build a list first off – that’s the key.

Then you have to learn traffic generation. That’s the water that flows the income to you.

You need to have products to offer. Otherwise how will you make money?

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I know this email is kind of a rant but I really want my subscribers to do well. Do you have a skill? A talent? A training?

Can yo2012-06-06 14.33.58u fish?
Can you cook?
Can you carve wood?
Can you identify birds?
Can you fix cars?
Do you know herbs?
Do you know beer making?
Do you dance well?
Do you play the guitar?
Do you know acupressure?



Start a site talking about it – make a forum on it – go to other similar forums and offer help – put a link to your forum in your signature. People will come and start believing in your expertise.

They will WANT you to teach them!

Make a course of what you know – I am telling you people want to know it!

Write the course! Write 12 months  of it – one lesson at a time. It’s easier than it sounds.

Charge $400 or more for it. At the end give a certificate of completion.

I do just this everyday and make $4000 a month – you can too!

Just start – make a simple site  with a forum on it today.

You might think I am kidding but I am not!

This is a goldmine if you take action. And it’s much quicker than you think. In a month you will be rolling!

Fooling around with $7 dollar products will never make you secure financially. That’s the fact.

I hope a few of you think about this!

Phil Eugene – www.Rapidresponsebot.

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