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FREE Warrior Special Offer: $987 value! Complete Marketing Training System (MP3 & PDF)

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start working for yourself

money-2I was looking at a couple of Forums today and going crazy over all the hype that newcomers have to deal with.

How the heck are you supposed to
make money online with all the noise and shiny objects thrown at you?


I know one thing – you need to sell things – not buy things to make money online.

So that’s what I do – I sell my service –,

I sell many other products.

It took time and energy to learn  – there is no instant cash machine.

You have to build a list first off – that’s the key.

Then you have to learn traffic generation. That’s the water that flows the income to you.

You need to have products to offer. Otherwise how will you make money?

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I know this email is kind of a rant but I really want my subscribers to do well. Do you have a skill? A talent? A training?

Can yo2012-06-06 14.33.58u fish?
Can you cook?
Can you carve wood?
Can you identify birds?
Can you fix cars?
Do you know herbs?
Do you know beer making?
Do you dance well?
Do you play the guitar?
Do you know acupressure?



Start a site talking about it – make a forum on it – go to other similar forums and offer help – put a link to your forum in your signature. People will come and start believing in your expertise.

They will WANT you to teach them!

Make a course of what you know – I am telling you people want to know it!

Write the course! Write 12 months  of it – one lesson at a time. It’s easier than it sounds.

Charge $400 or more for it. At the end give a certificate of completion.

I do just this everyday and make $4000 a month – you can too!

Just start – make a simple site  with a forum on it today.

You might think I am kidding but I am not!

This is a goldmine if you take action. And it’s much quicker than you think. In a month you will be rolling!

Fooling around with $7 dollar products will never make you secure financially. That’s the fact.

I hope a few of you think about this!

Phil Eugene – www.Rapidresponsebot.

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I am GIVING AWAY my amazing series – Free Easy Cash Ideas – just for today!

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Using Storytelling to Engage Your Visitors

Here is a very interesting Infographic from about using storytelling to engage your visitors.

I think we all agree that throughout history everybody loves stories and they connect on a deep emotional level with us all. This infograhic goes into great detail about how and why stories affect us all and how we can use that information to make us better writers and communicators.

To be a good copywriter means to be able to connect with your viewers – understanding that you need to really put yourself in their shoes and provide solutions to their needs.

Story telling is a great way to bond and connect

Read on ! Feel free to Share – Pin – or Email it !

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Getting ready for Google’s mobile-friendly update

 mobile friendly website
mobile friendly website

Google’s mobile-friendly update goes live on April 21st.

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji says that this algorithm update will be bigger than Penguin or Panda and will have significant impact on websites that are NOT mobile friendly.

To find out if your site will be affected just enter your website’s URL into Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and it will let you know if you’ve got a mobile-friendly page on your hands.

If the website you entered passes Google’s test, you will see a green banner indicating the website is mobile-friendly. If the website does not pass, Google will tell you the page is not mobile-friendly and provide a few reasons why.

Mobile-Friendly Test – Google

This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobilefriendly design.

As well The World Wide-Web Consortium (W3C) has their own mobile-friendly test, mobileOK Checker, that provides more technical insight and recommendations for your website.

Here is a sample from our site:

Google’s mobile-friendly update

Before Mobile Ready:

not mobile friendly website


And After Mobile optimization



Google has laid out many of the common reasons why a website isn’t mobile-friendly – here are a few of them:

  • The content is wider than the screen:  This requires users to scroll side-to-side to read the page.
  • The text too small: This means the user must zoom to read text on the page.
  • The links too close together: On a smartphone, links should be easy to tap with your fingers –this means that the links should be big enough and in natural location to tap.
  • Most smartphone users hold their phone in their right hand and tap links with their thumb.
    The mobile viewport isn’t set:
  • This is a little more on the technical side of things, but the mobile viewport controls the width of the page for the device.
  • If your website displays a desktop landscape when smartphone visitors land on your page, then the viewport is not set for mobile on that page. — a responsive design will automatically adjust the viewport based on the device.

Google lists a few  common mobile-friendly mistakes to avoid as well:

  • Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files
  • Unplayable content
  • Faulty redirects
  • Mobile-only 404s
  • App download interstitials
  • Slow mobile pages

Don’t wait till April 21st to change your site! Take some steps now and get yourself in shape (well your website anyway lol)

One of the easier ways to make your site mobile friendly is to switch to a responsive WordPress theme. Many of them are ready to go and it is pretty easy to manage the transfer.

In fact that is just what we have done and although there have been a few hiccups it has been probably the easiest solution to developing a mobile friendly website.

The bottom line is the amount of people browsing the web on phones and tablets is huge and only getting bigger so make sure you site looks good to all of them.

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Meanwhile stay well.

Best Regards

Phil Eugene –


Improving your conversion copy – an infographic

Improving your conversion copy – an infographic

This infographic emphasizes the idea that each step of your conversion funnel should have “one job ” Like on an assembly line, every element on your page and in your funnel has 1 job to do to keep a conversion moving forward.”

If any step in your conversion path is broken or incomplete then you will lose a sign-up or  a sale.

Often there just seems to be too many factors to juggle but in fact the key is knowing that each step is independent from the other and has only one purpose, to move the visitor smoothly along your funnel.  This infographic shows each step along the way.

Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

3 Tools for Improving Your Email Impact

Tools for Improving Your Email Impact

It is always a good idea to improve the quality of your emails and these little tools can help. With them you can quickly analyze the impact of your headlines, generate email subject line ideas and format your emails to the most common standards.


f0f6f1113c30b7032af48cf0_1920Advanced Marketing Institute – Headline Analyzer.

This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you know, reaching your customers in a deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting, and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects.



70c6e141fcec494b6a46bb5b_1920Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Allows you to generate great title suggestions for your email subjects, blog posts, articles and much more!




94d14f54905dfd62e5948bdf_1920Formatting Tool

– Allows you to easily format your emails online.





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Easiest Way Ever To Remove WordPress Page Titles

A lot of my clients use wordpress but don’t want the page titles to appear in every page or post. Especially if you want your wordpress site  to look like a regular website.

So here is the Easiest Way Ever To Remove WordPress Page Titles!

If you look around you will see a lot of tutorials telling you to edit the code of your pages.php or other templates. While this is fine if you are confident you won’t break your site there is an easier way! Go to your ADD PLUGINS section in WordPress and ADD NEW plugin,

Search for HIDE PAGE AND POST TITLES – there are a few others but this one seems to work well.


Once you find it just install and activate it:

Installing Plugin

Now go to any of your pages and select EDIT

pages to disable


You will now see an option on the lower right to HIDE TITLE – just select it and there you go – no more title. 


You will have to select each Page and set the HIDE TITLE option on any existing Page you want the Title hidden.

After that when you create a new Page just select the HIDE TITLE option

Simple and easy!

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How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics Data

I just can’t resist Quicksprout’s Info-graphics – they are informative and pretty 🙂

This one is about “How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics” Data – always a crowd pleaser for the PPC crowd!

I don’t know if my subscribers like them but I hope so!

You can always leave a comment and tell me! And if your interested my Anniversary Sale for my Autoresponder Service ends  – it has been a blast with over 300 people grabbing the sale offer – well sure because it’s an unheard of opportunity if I say so myself ..and I do!

Take care and hope to hear from you. – Phil Eugene

THIS INFO GRAPHIC Made by !Google_Analytics_Infographic-Optimized-1


See stress as a positive

Changing the way you think about or perceive stress can change what stress does to you – see stress as a positive.

stressStress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.

No matter if you work online like me – or in an office or at sea 🙂

Being happy makes your job easier …