99 Email Conversion Headlines You Can Use

Email Conversion Headlines

Here are 99 Email Conversion Headlines

You Can Use for your email campaigns, blog posts – whatever

You won’t remember them all so download a PDF for later! Click Me To Download

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“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.”
-David Ogilvy


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Using Storytelling to Engage Your Visitors

Here is a very interesting Infographic from QuickSprout.com about using storytelling to engage your visitors.

I think we all agree that throughout history everybody loves stories and they connect on a deep emotional level with us all. This infograhic goes into great detail about how and why stories affect us all and how we can use that information to make us better writers and communicators.

To be a good copywriter means to be able to connect with your viewers – understanding that you need to really put yourself in their shoes and provide solutions to their needs.

Story telling is a great way to bond and connect

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Improving your conversion copy – an infographic

Improving your conversion copy – an infographic

This infographic emphasizes the idea that each step of your conversion funnel should have “one job ” Like on an assembly line, every element on your page and in your funnel has 1 job to do to keep a conversion moving forward.”

If any step in your conversion path is broken or incomplete then you will lose a sign-up or  a sale.

Often there just seems to be too many factors to juggle but in fact the key is knowing that each step is independent from the other and has only one purpose, to move the visitor smoothly along your funnel.  This infographic shows each step along the way.

Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics Data

I just can’t resist Quicksprout’s Info-graphics – they are informative and pretty 🙂

This one is about “How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics” Data – always a crowd pleaser for the PPC crowd!

I don’t know if my subscribers like them but I hope so!

You can always leave a comment and tell me! And if your interested my Anniversary Sale for my Autoresponder Service ends  – it has been a blast with over 300 people grabbing the sale offer – well sure because it’s an unheard of opportunity if I say so myself ..and I do!

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THIS INFO GRAPHIC Made by www.QuickSprout.com !Google_Analytics_Infographic-Optimized-1

THIS INFO GRAPHIC Made by www.QuickSprout.com !

How do I increase my email sign up conversion rate?

Want to download this post as a PDF? CLICK HERE  INCREASE EMAIL CONVERSION

Why increase your email sign up conversion rate? Simple..The average person that lands on your sales page LEAVES within 6 seconds!

 Regardless of how pretty the logo.

Regardless of how smart the name.

Regardless of how magnificent the item.

You can’t continue disregarding this:

More than 90% of your guests will leave your page uninterested.

 You have a few seconds to grab their interest and show them why

you are different or interesting or useful and UNLESS YOU USE THOSE


Lets take a look at some ways to increase your conversions and customer retention.



Start by paying a bit of attention to your copy – make sure you write as if you are talking to ONE PERSON. Picture them in your mind and write to them – it will make your posts more engaging and personal.

1 Your ads – copy…EVERYTHING gets written to one person.

When I look around at most sites they are not properly setup to catch their visitors traffic – most have a single optin form. You have to rethink your whole approach to this

lightdoodleman2 Every page should be considered a landing page and there should be multiple ways to optin on every page! Read this twice 🙂 If you are checking analytics (and you should be) you can see which pages get the most views – so make sure to target those pages. Remember people are curious and your ABOUT PAGE will get read a lot. So make it a landing page! Have optin forms on it that offer free trials, free books, free courses, free samples – whatever is relevant to your site.

OK – what are some of the actual best ways to use your optin forms?

Q2W3 Fixed Widget3 First of all you can add a moving sidebar opt in to your site with Fixed Widget Plugin (free!)  This is a fantastic free little plugin that not only puts an optin on your sidebar but when the visitors scrolls down it follows them – but only once they go past the point where the sidebar is displaying anything. No more wasted blank area on the sidebar! You can see an example on this site  >>

4 Keep your optin forms with as few fields as possible– name and email is plenty in most cases.

5 Focus on problem solving solutions. It’s an old saying but still holds true that people don’t want a shovel – they want a hole! Add an optin form that offers to send them that solution.

6 People like to have options a simple way to provide an option is to make sure to have a written message under your optin button Like so:

[maxbutton id=”1″]

Take Rapid Response For A Free Spin!

7 These days most people are pretty used to popups,sliders exit pages and the like. There is a reason they are so common and that is because they convert exceptionally well. There are many good ones around – but for the best free one you should just try SUMOME

Along with pop ups try using The Hello Bar – another free add on that put an actionable bar at the top of your blog. It has a lot of uses from simple messages to call to action and sign up links.

If you are in the internet marketing field then you SHOULD be using a popup – everybody expects them 🙂

testimonialk8 Readers testimonials can boost sign up rates and this is especially effective if placed besides the optin from. 




9 State your benefits in the headlines and make it clear why people should opt in. As well when encouraging them to sign up it is a good idea to give multiple reasons – such as “Subscribe for our templates AND get a free course on how to edit PSD files”

To sum it up (for now) all of this assumes you have a way to create opt in forms and collect emails as well as send follow ups. Since that’s what we do make sure to try us out 🙂

There will be much more on this topic and you can follow along by subscribing to our posts.

Stay tuned… Want to download this post as a PDF? CLICK HERE  INCREASE EMAIL CONVERSION

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Conversion Rate Optimization An Infographic!

Conversion Rate Optimization – Are You Doing It?

Here is a  great Infographic from Quicksprout.com detailing  how to improve your Conversion Rate Optimization.

Every Internet Business should be doing conversion rate optimization! From headlines to call to actions, page layouts and signup forms – all of it can be optimized to seriously increase your conversions and opt-ins.

Combining this with our Rapid Response Autoresponder  System will greatly help build your business. Have fun looking over this Infographic  and don’t forget to take our free autoresponder trial right here:


Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

This Infographic Provided by Quicksprout.com

Turn Your Visitors Into Buying Customers!

How to Create The Perfect Social Post Infographic

How to Create The Perfect Social Post

Sometimes a picture tells a thousands words – this great infographic from QuickSprout.com gives you a bird’s eye view how to create  a high converting post on Facebook, Twitter,Google+, YouTube and more. You can also use these ideas when creating your email campaigns in Rapid Response Autoresponder – the principles are universal in many cases.  Such as a great subject line that relates to the content of your email message, a sense of personal contact  (talk to your subscribers) engaging information and a call to action.

How to Create The Perfect Social Post
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

How to ‘Bribe’ your prospects… –

In this message you will learn exactly how to
“ethically bribe your prospects”.

So what is required to make that happen?

Remember what I said in my last email …
ANYONE would be willing to do an exchange
with you, as long as you provide them with
something of GREATER VALUE.

So, back to our “Ethical Bribe” … remember
that great term?

How specifically can you “Ethically” bribe your
prospects to give you their contact information?

Survey says (Pick A, B or C) …

A) The privilege of looking at your business
B) Promise them the moon

So hopefully the obvious answer again is “C” …

So what would be “GREATER VALUE” for your

Key Point – You need to know what is MOST
IMPORTANT to your prospects!

So how would you find out?

Here’s another simple multiple-choice for you…

A) Pray that you can figure it out
B) Give it your best guess
C) Ask them

So by now, I’m sure you’re not surprised that the
answer is “C” again! Wow …

So what specifically should we ask them?

First, you need to know what is most important to
your prospect … and not just any general answer …

Knowing how to find out specifically what is most
important to your prospects, is a CRITICAL KEY to
your success.

If you are talking to a prospect, the 1st step is to
make sure you have developed rapport.

Rapport is when your prospects feel that they know,
like, and trust you.

So how would you do that?… Especially if a prospect
doesn’t really know you?

Rather than tell you … Guess what I’m going to do…
I’m going to “ASK” a question …

How would you like to work with me personally?

If you’re ready, I’ve got everything laid out for you.

Today is the day for you to take action.


I’m really looking forward to having you part of
my team.

It all starts here <—