FAQ  Some Common Questions:

Trial Users

Can I have more than one trial account?


No - spammers try and abuse this feature - so we closely monitor duplicate accounts.- 

banning anyone who does so. This is to protect both our service and our users.


Subscribers Must All Double Opt-In.


We do not allow single opt-in - this protects

both your account and our service from spam issues.


Where are my lists?

Each autoresponder is its own list.

Every autoresponder you create will have a unique form that subscribes people to it.




Can Trial Users import?

You must upgrade your account to import your lists.

Do imports have to re-opt-in?

Sorry they do! We know it's a bother but your lists will be clean, spam free and responsive.

What leads can be imported?

Currently we allow double opt-in leads from these major email services:

 Aweber, Getresponse, Constant Contact., Mailchimp, Trafficwave


Other sources are not allowed - such as free lists etc. since they are 90%

dead emails, spam traps etc. and always lead to spam complaints which can

cause your account to be suspended.


You will need to send us a CSV file containing the following information:


Email address

Subscribers IP address

Date Subscribed

URL of the Subscriber Form



How are leads counted?


Only active subscribers are counted.






For Monthly Accounts Billing occurs monthly and can be cancelled anytime. We do not refund partial months.


Cost is currently $20 per 10,000 subscribers. So for example 15000 subscribers would be $40/month.


Yearly Accounts Billing occurs yearly and we refund months left, not including partial months.


We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, and can provide alternate payment methods upon contacting us.


Delivery Rates


We have excellent delivery rates - currently 99% !


Tremendous work is put into maintaining excellent ratings with all the major email companies such as Yahoo and Gmail.


How Hard Is It To Setup?


It is very easy! We have a 3 minute Quick Setup Guide

as well as extensive Help and Video Guide. More importantly we will help you ASAP!!


Spam Is Not Allowed!


This means adhering to all Can-Spam laws

You must identify yourself clearly as well as your physical address.

Any misleading emails can lead to loss of your account.

 If you have any doubts ask first before you send!




Not finding your answer here? Contact us!

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