You must choose either Plain Text or HTML type of message.selectmessagetype

Then you can just click NEXT STEP or optionally choose one of the available templates

In general we recommend using a Plain Text Message – especially for quick and easy messages to your subscribers. There are two reasons for this.

1: It is simple and easy to write a plain text message and requires a minimum of editing. Links will show up automatically and be clickable in your emails such as

2: Most email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. block images by default and require the reader to click a link that allows pictures to be seen. A lot of people just don’t bother so your HTML pictures don’t get viewed.

Of course HTML messages look nice and some people use a template to keep their brand or look always the same.

If you are creating an HTML message please take note that you must use images that you have uploaded somewhere on the web.

If you create an HTML email offline – say on your desktop – you can copy the source code and paste it into the HTML box by clicking the button that shows the HTML source code. That button menu item looks like this “<html>”  but note that any images must be hosted online and have the full URL to them in your messages.

Example  is good

NOT  just  /yourimages/image.png  which will not show your image even though it may show OK on your desktop!



You can create a hyperlink by selecting any text and then using the hyperlink menu item (looks like a sideways paperclip)

It is a good idea to make a folder on your desktop and to keep a copy of the HTML source code of any email you create so you can reuse it without having to do a lot of re-editing.

Just click the menu item <html> and select & copy the code there – then paste it into a notepad and save it. Later if you want to create a similar message just copy that HTML from the notepad and paste it into the  <hmtl> of your new email.

You can add images using the IMAGE button. Enter the full URL to the image you want to use in your e-mail. The image must be hosted online, on your hosting account or on a image hosting site.

Just see the various toolbar menu items for other formatting options such as size, text color and adding TAGS to personalize each email


As well when composing an HTML message you will need to make a text version and add it to the TEXT box found below the HTML message. This is for the people (rare) who can only get TEXT messages.

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