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Published by: Phil Eugene
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Subject line: A giveaway event that everyone wins a prize? Very cool!


Phil here... You know I like giveaway events ... you can get a lot of great free stuff for your online business -- graphics, ebooks, websites, tons of useful stuff..

But this event is a little different - it's a giveaway with a twist.. not only do you get to download great stuff but you will win a guaranteed prize from some BIG name marketers. I'll let Kristi tell you in her own words....

If you don't want to read just go get the gifts/prizes right here:)


My friend, Kristi Sayles, told me that she wanted to share
a childhood story with you....

I grew up going to the local fair each year.
One of my favorite games was the balloons.
I remember just KNOWING that all I had to do to win
one of those huge stuffed animals was to throw a dart
into the right balloon.

To be honest,I usually popped one that rewarded me
with a smaller prize like a plastic bear or something,
but once I actually won a huge Pink Panther! I remember
the joy I felt when the carnie actually handed me
the oversize treasure!

I couldn't have been happier if I'd won the million
dollar lottery! The game was the best in the world
because I was guaranteed a prize just for playing. would you like to win a guaranteed prize?

You might win over $15,000 worth of advertising services
from the amazing, Jane Mark from

Okay, even if you don't win the Grand Prize, the "smaller
prizes" are still valuable! Just like the name says,
you WILL win a valuable prize package valued at $900
or more-just for entering!

As a matter of fact, we've done some quick math and
discovered that there are over $60,000 worth of prizes
involved in this contest! And you may win a good chunk
of that value!

Just count the number of marketers that you know
by name below. You've probably heard good things about
every one. They have each agreed to donate awesome
prizes-not like tiny plastic bears.

Think HUGE stuffed animals. lol

Jane Mark
Kristi Sayles
Art Rodgers
Peter Downs
David Jackson
Steve Yakim
Dr. Mani
Ian Del Carmen
Bob Yeager
Mark Hendricks
Shahar Boyayan
Mike Glaspie
Gary Bacchetti
Lee Benson
John Thornhill
Jimmy D Brown
Willie Crawford
Alan Bechtold

I won't be surprised if more contribute in the near future!


Wishing you much online success,
Phil Eugene

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