Welcome to Triple Your Leads free email course!

Welcome to Triple Your Leads free email course!

My name is Phil Eugene and I am the owner of Rapid Response Autoresponder which I started in 2006.

Since then I have helped many Internet marketers understand how to develop and grow their lists. As someone whose business IS email delivery and list building I have seen literally thousands of good – and bad – ways to accomplish it. I believe I can provide you with some useful information that will boost your lists and allow you to build a good relationship with your customers.

Over the next 5 days we will cover the most important things you need to know about list building as well as ways to increase your conversions.

Let’s start right now! We are going to talk about your landing pages now…

env21: Writing Good Copy.

The most important aspect of your landing page is the written word!

Sure a great looking page is nice, good graphics catch attention and nice colors help BUT the fact is your visitors are looking for information. I did a split test once and asked which version of my site visitors liked more and I was surprised to hear most of them said they didn’t really care as long as the information was interesting and useful.

So focus on good content.

lightdoodlemanThe key to that is to put yourself in the visitors shoes. He has a problem he wants solved. So instead of listing all the features of our product list the BENEFITS to the customer and how it will remove their problem.


hellodoodleman Be personal – I mean write as if you are talking to a person – use words like you and your liberally.


singingdoodlemanBe unique – let the client know what is different about your service or product.


restingdoodlemanMake it SIMPLE – people like to quickly get an overview of your service.


Provide a knowledge base or FAQ – again keep it short and simple. This allows you to take away any reservations they may have. It will help build trust.
flyingdoodlemanOne of the most important aspects is what is known as a CALL TO ACTION – this means directing your visitor to do something – whether it is signing up for a free ebook or anything else you would like. Just like you signed up for this course. We will talk more about this later but for now it is always a good idea to put your call to action right on the subscribe button. So put “GET YOUR FREE EBOOK”  instead of “subscribe” right on the subscribe button.

Don’t forget testimonials – people love them – they provide social proof that your reliable and worthwhile.


List Benefits
Be Personal
Why Are You Unique
Stay Simple
Add a FAQ
Add Testimonials
USE Call to Actions

That’s enough for today – and its a lot really – just taking these steps will boost your sign up rate tremendously.

Take action – make a simple plan for yourself and do it bit by bit. You will see results.

Thanks for reading and I hope you gained something from it.

Tomorrow we will focus on another way to boost your conversions.. stay tuned..

newgovhead.jpgBest Regards

Phil Eugene


.PS – If you have questions about any of the tactics I described above just hit reply and let me know. Even if it’s just to say you got something from this email course – I get inspired if I think anyone is benefiting. I like to help 🙂

And of course if you need a top quality and AFFORDABLE Autoresponder that was created with Internet Marketers in mind just check us out here RAPID RESPONSE


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