There are three components of a successful and powerful marketing plan.

Three components of a successful and powerful marketing plan.

Goals are the big picture

. A goal tells you where you want to go and it
is the vision of success that you have for your future. It’s the
inspiration and motivation that keeps you focused and it’s what makes
you want to jump out of bed to hit the keys and enter cyberspace every
chance you get. It’s what keeps you from straying in your business

Becoming the #1 seller of Product X is a goal.

Strategy is an idea about how you can achieve your goals

. It’s a more
general idea of how to get where you want to go and it is a conceptual
plan for success.

Maybe your goal is to become the #1 marketing
expert in a particular niche. You plan to do that by offering a unique
service that accompanies your product or by offering an alternative way
to utilize your product.

Or perhaps you plan to do it by
including value-added products or services with every sale. Maybe you
want to be the “go to price” guy. You may want to make 100% money-back
guarantees with no questions asked. Regardless of the “how”, you are now
thinking about strategy and ways to increase your exposure,
conversions, and sales. There may be multiple strategies to support your
goals and that’s fine. It’s even expected.

Creating a new way to optimize Product X is a strategy.

Tactics are those individual actions, activities, and plans that help
you achieve your goals

and are based on your strategy. Now we’re down
to business.

A tactic is a real action that helps you
implement your strategy. Tactics are when you really get down to work.
They are derived from a clear understanding of your potential customer,
the target audience needs and desires, and a thorough analysis of your
product’s strengths, benefits, and value.

But they are also
created with knowledge of the competition, what makes your product
unique, how you separate yourself from the competition, and what the
market is looking for not only today, but tomorrow! Just like
strategies, there may be more than once marketing tactic to accomplish
the strategy and once again, that is the expectation.

allow you to demonstrate how your product can be diversified or how it
can be leveraged in multiple ways for others to receive value or
benefits in some way. Tactics may include creation of videos, blogging,
promoting your business in one more than one language, creating content
that optimizes keywords, re-engineering a website to make it faster or
more user-friendly, or other specific actions that help you accomplish
your strategy and achieve goals.

Execution is critical

Online marketing tactics should be simple and expertly executed.
Knowing how to create the three components of a winning online business
will drive conversions and sales to new heights. Use an engaging
combination of basic marketing tactics and augment them with advanced
marketing tactics that have proven successful time and time again for
the fastest road to success.

Before you approach your
business with a “we’ll wait and see” approach, evaluate your goals and
create marketing strategies and tactics that ensure success for the
long-term. Increased conversions and sales will follow.

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