Dec 5th 2014

Our new website is now live and with that comes our new policies and pricing structures. We are changing our fee structure as well. New customers will need to pay a monthly subscription (except if we run specials)  Previous customers will remain as they are.

Customers are REQUIRED TO PUT A FOOTER IN THEIR EMAILS STATING THEIR NAME AND REAL ADDRESS as well as a disclaimer if they stand to make money from any links in their emails. If you break the rules, you could be liable for hundreds of dollars for each recipient that you sent non-compliant messages to.
This is due to the strict new CAN-SPAM laws being enforced with fines and site closures.

April 1st Update

This is not an Aprils fools joke!

wordle 17

Today we are moving our home site to a WordPress format – this makes it easier to comply with the new Google Mobile Friendly Site Rules.

Our testsite has gone well – let’s see what happens when we move everything to the main server! Bear with us if things go wrong!

April 5th Update

So far everything seems good with our new site format – we will keep refining it as time goes on.



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