How to Create Your First Product

How to Create Your First Product:

Step 1:

Write a 100 topic outline.

Here’s how:

Take your niche and divide it into 10 categories. (If you are struggling with which categories are in your niche, go to and google your niche, the answers will be there if you look)

Then for each category, write down 10 sub-categories.

Here is an example:

Dog Training Niche



Adult Dogs

Abused Dogs


Subcategories for puppies:

potty training





Do this until you have 10 categories and 10 sub categories for each.

This will give you 100 topics.

Then write one page about each topic. Or record 6 minutes per topic.

Either method will give you a created product in a few days.

Ebook: write 100 pages (20 per day, 5 days to create product)

MP3 series: record 3 hours per day, 5 days to create product)

By the way, maybe right now you are thinking, that
sounds like a lot of work, I have other things to do in my business
each day.

I must ask you this…how much money is each of those “important”
things you are doing in your business, making you each month?

Would you be making more money if you committed 3 hours
per day to product creation and in a few months had
multiple products to sell?

My guess is that you would, and if you are honest with yourself,
you would agree that you would be making more money if you
were to simply take the time to create your products, instead
of all the other things you are doing each day that
are not producing income.

Have you ever thought about creating your own product?

My guess is that you have.

In fact, possibly you have tried creating your own product
already, and found that it took you far too long
to do it, and you have possibly decided to just
promote other people’s products instead.

The thing is, you will make far more money
online if you are selling your own products.

And I have proven time and time again that
products can be created fast (when I was writing
ebooks, I found I could write one in 3 days,
write the sales letter the following day, and start
selling it on day 5)

And with recorded products, I found I could
record about 3 hours per day (that still left
me 5 hours to run the rest of my business)
and have a 15 hour product recorded in 5 days.

And when I created my first coaching program…
I literally wrote the first lesson in an afternoon, then
each week I would write one new lesson for it…
took about 3 hours per week and I generated over
$100k with that program!
And in my Blackbelt Product Creation course
that I will be launching to you in just a few
days will teach you exactly how to literally
create one product per week.

Imagine how it would feel if in one month you had
4 new products.

Would that change your business, if you had 4 products
of your own to sell to your list, in one month?

What if in 6 months you had…let’s say only 12 products
(2 per month) to sell to your list?

Would you be making more money than you are now?

My guess is that you would be.

Or perhaps you have been holding back on creating a list
and driving traffic until you have your own product – now you
are free to build a list to sell to because you will
have your own products in just weeks from starting
my Blackbelt Product Creation program.

The bottom line is…if you have your own products…you will
be able to make more money online.

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