Do you use an autoresponder campaign for your list?

Consider this:

If you don’t have a followup autoresponder campaign that sends out a predictable email on a predictable day after someone comes onto your list, then what happens is this:

A new subscriber comes on to your list.

They will get whatever emails you send to your list over the next 90 days or so.

They may or may not respond, based on the order of your emails and the bond you create.

But you won’t know why.

Because you won’t be able to say, ok, email 8 kills sales, email 12 should go earlier, and so on.

But contrast this:

If you have a pre-planned 90 day campaign where each person gets the same email after the same number of days on your campaign, you can easily study who responds based on how many days in your campaign and make adjustments to this process.

PLUS – if you don’t have an automated pre-planned campaign, if you don’t send an email today, they don’t get an email.

That means if you take a month off…sales die.

If you get sick and take a month off…sales die.

But if you put all your emails in your autoresponder… sales can continue for as long as your campaign is (mine is based on a 3 – year model).

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