Behind The Scenes -Deliverability

Behind The Scenes -Deliverability

Behind The Scenes -DeliverabilityFrequently we get asked about running our service and why shouldn’t people just find an autoresponder script they can host on their own domains.

It’s a good question and the answer boils down to DELIVERABILITY.

The first thing to know is your shared hosting company is never going to let you send out more than 100 emails per hour – a huge problem if you plan on having a 5 or 10 or 20 thousand list or more… So it means we have to have our own dedicated server and control over our own email server – that’s the easy part!

Then comes getting special rating with all the major ISP and mail deliverers such as Gmail / AOL/Yahoo and the rest. Each one has a whole slew of requirements and agreements that must be met – why is this important? Because they have spam algorithms running and if too many people hit the spam buttons then they block your whole server! 

The fact is a lot of people just carelessly hit the spam buttons instead of unsubscribing to legitimate mail they previously subscribed to – so an autoresponder service has to be constantly vigilant to stay off blacklists! And meeting all the requested requirements of the big ISP/MAIL companies does just that. Currently is not on any blacklists!

The general customer of our service will not be aware of the staggering amount of work involved just to keep your mail getting delivered but we are unceasing in our dedication to just that. We participate in voluntary FEEDBACK LOOPS – even though it’s not a requirement and for the technical minded out there have rDNS, SPF, DKIM, FBL, DomainKeys & Spam Assassin all working hard for you. We are a member of the SENDER ID  program run by Microsoft and we are hard at work building our reputation on a daily basis!

So rest assured we are here to serve you to the very best of our ability!

Best Regards
Phil Eugene

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