A Quick Traffic Tip – Use JustRetweet

A Quick Traffic Tip  – Use JustRetweet

I would hope everyone has a twitter account for your business by now – if not go get one now please   

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I have posted elsewhere on the site about various ways to increase your twitter following but wanted to drop a mention about JustRetweet

It’s  a fact that tweets that are retweeted get a much bigger response and  JustRetweet provides a great free platform for greatly increasing your chances.

JustRetweet excels at the viral power of getting your tweets ReTweeted

What is JustRetweet?

JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that will help you get more Retweets, Facebook Likes and Google PlusOnes to your blog posts by allowing other members to promote your content . There’s no question that Twitter/Facebook/Google+ can provide more social proof to your content and drive more traffic. Especially if you are publishing great, quality content.

It’s easy and free – give it a go!




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