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Since Rapid Response Autoresponder is built around the core value of providing an affordable platform for Internet Marketers the above topics are what we are most questioned about.

Over time this should prove an excellent resource for you – we have thousands of hours of
experience with email delivery and conversion optimization. Stay tuned!

I will be including lots of free stuff – templates – courses – graphics – anything I think may help your business, so feel free to subscribe and stay in the loop.

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Behind The Scenes -Deliverability

Behind The Scenes -Deliverability

Behind The Scenes -DeliverabilityFrequently we get asked about running our service and why shouldn’t people just find an autoresponder script they can host on their own domains.

It’s a good question and the answer boils down to DELIVERABILITY.

The first thing to know is your shared hosting company is never going to let you send out more than 100 emails per hour – a huge problem if you plan on having a 5 or 10 or 20 thousand list or more… So it means we have to have our own dedicated server and control over our own email server – that’s the easy part!

Then comes getting special rating with all the major ISP and mail deliverers such as Gmail / AOL/Yahoo and the rest. Each one has a whole slew of requirements and agreements that must be met – why is this important? Because they have spam algorithms running and if too many people hit the spam buttons then they block your whole server! 

The fact is a lot of people just carelessly hit the spam buttons instead of unsubscribing to legitimate mail they previously subscribed to – so an autoresponder service has to be constantly vigilant to stay off blacklists! And meeting all the requested requirements of the big ISP/MAIL companies does just that. Currently www.RapidResponsebot.com/ is not on any blacklists!

The general customer of our service will not be aware of the staggering amount of work involved just to keep your mail getting delivered but we are unceasing in our dedication to just that. We participate in voluntary FEEDBACK LOOPS – even though it’s not a requirement and for the technical minded out there have rDNS, SPF, DKIM, FBL, DomainKeys & Spam Assassin all working hard for you. We are a member of the SENDER ID  program run by Microsoft and we are hard at work building our reputation on a daily basis!

So rest assured we are here to serve you to the very best of our ability!

Best Regards
Phil Eugene

Benefits of Building a List of Subscribers

backlinkingLots of people, online and offline, use internet marketing to attract potential
customers and build their email contact list.
You probably either know or you’re beginning to realize that list building
isn’t a trivial matter for your business. Having a good list of subscribers can
be beneficial to your business in many different ways. Here are a few of

ToolsYou can contact the people on your list each time you have a new
blog post. They will not only read the email you send them, they’ll
want to view the blog, and it will send a lot of traffic to your site. You
want to be sure you don’t give them the information in the blog in the
newsletter. If you do, then why should they ever visit your blog? It
works the same in reverse. If you tell them everything in your blog,
then why should they ever subscribe to your list?

smiley1It’s easy to let your customers know about any new products/services
you have to offer. You simply email everyone on your list and all your
readers and fans will want to check out what you have to offer them
on the sales page. Often, you can let your email readers know that
they are getting an advance peek at what you’re offering. Let them
know they have an opportunity to get it first before any other
customers. This will give them an even greater incentive to go view
your site or come into your store.

arrow-blueWhat good is having a sale if no one knows about it? Email lists
allow you to let your customers know about all your sales and
promotions at the same time, which can cause them to want to buy.
Advertising campaigns to advertise sales can be quite expensive.
Advertising through your email contact list, however, doesn’t cost you
a thing. It only takes a few minutes and everyone on your list knows
about your sale. In addition, if you’re having good offers, their friends
will know about it soon too by word of mouth.

check-redSearch engines sometimes change algorithms. When they do, you
may be ranked lower than you were before. Having a strong, quality
list allows you to contact everyone directly, so you don’t have to worry
so much about where you fall on the search engine list. Search
engine results are important, but having a good quality email list can
be worth its weight in gold.

arrow4 blueLists help you build long-term relationships—Many shoppers online
like to browse and look around before they buy. They don’t just jump
on a site and purchase. If you stay in contact with them by email,
when they’re ready to purchase what you have to offer, you’ll be the
first place they think about looking for what they need.

BulletsGreen 0009 CheckBox1Lists can be profitable—As previously stated, if you have a new
product, people who you have established trust with will be the first to
buy it. What happens, however, is that this gives you a large amount
of sales right at the launch of the product. You don’t have to wait for
months to show a profit from the new product.

BulletsYellow 0019 Bullet1You can also make profits by offering special discounts or promotions
only to those who are subscribed to your list. If you specifically
describe what you’re offering as it may make others want to sign up
as well.


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Blogging Helps You Get Business – Infographic

One of the best ways to generate traffic is blogging – here is a great infographic from quicksprout that details a lot of information about it. There’s a lot of proof that blogging  drives traffic to your websites. And if you use Rapid Response to collect the emails of that traffic you are on your way to building a successful business!

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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6 Email Conversion Strategies You Can Use Today

Phil here from Rapid Response….

I hope you are using your Rapid Response Autoresponder account to build your customer base and grow your business. There is really no better way to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Email delivery is the strategy of choice for all the big companies you already know well, Ebay, Amazon, the list is endless.

According to a recent Email Marketing survey by Marketing Sherpa, 92% of surveyed marketers stated that email marketing is already, or will eventually, produce a higher return on investment for them compared to any other marketing channels. But it takes anywhere from 4 to 7 emails to get the best conversions so campaign management is a must.

There is a reason they have you on their email lists! People seldom buy the first time they visit your website BUT they are visiting it for a reason – they are interested in what you have to offer. So maybe they won’t buy today but they might tomorrow and if you don’t capture their email address and send them relevant emails they are just going to buy from someone else.

1: A simple strategy (that for some reason gets overlooked) is to always remind your customers if their existing subscription is about to expire! This kind of email is welcome and gives you a chance to suggest upgrades or additional offers relating to their subscription, not to mention keeping your existing cash flow going.

2: Social media is at the top of everyone’s interest and you can harness that in many ways – one way is to show your subscribers what your other subscribers like or have bought. You have seen this many times on sites such as Amazon where they post a blurb saying – ” People who purchased this item also bought these items.” This is a very powerful way to keep your subscribers engaged and if you sell multiple products you can send an email weekly just saying what others have bought from you!

3: And always remember the basics! Every email should have a call to action link. Spell out the benefits of the action you want them to take.

For our service this works pretty well :) Get Your Lifetime Autoresponder Account At Our Limited Time Special Discount And Forget About Paying Monthly Fees!

4: Come right out and announce your most appealing offer in the subject line and be as specific as possible. Ex: Get 20% off today. A free Guide for you. 5 new templates you can use – you see the idea.

5: Link to 5-10 pieces of your best content – put footers or a PS with links to your blog, website, etc. about other posts or sections of your website that subscribers might like to go see. An easy way to generate traffic and interest to your sites. Simple but effective.

6: Remember for each email you write, your focus should be on delivering content, not forcing sales, but its OK to remind them of your business. We are all used to being asked to buy, subscribe, or Like Our Pages and people know you need to earn a living. Amazon and Ebay certainly don’t hide the fact they are selling you something but if it’s something you have subscribed to out of interest then there is no reason not to!

There are many more ways to improve your business and I’ll send along some more soon.
In the meantime always take action and increase your business bit by bit everyday!

And of course don’t forget to upgrade your trial account before the time runs out!

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How to Create The Perfect Social Post Infographic

How to Create The Perfect Social Post

Sometimes a picture tells a thousands words – this great infographic from QuickSprout.com gives you a bird’s eye view how to create  a high converting post on Facebook, Twitter,Google+, YouTube and more. You can also use these ideas when creating your email campaigns in Rapid Response Autoresponder - the principles are universal in many cases.  Such as a great subject line that relates to the content of your email message, a sense of personal contact  (talk to your subscribers) engaging information and a call to action.

How to Create The Perfect Social Post
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

How to ‘Bribe’ your prospects… –

In this message you will learn exactly how to
“ethically bribe your prospects”.

So what is required to make that happen?

Remember what I said in my last email …
ANYONE would be willing to do an exchange
with you, as long as you provide them with
something of GREATER VALUE.

So, back to our “Ethical Bribe” … remember
that great term?

How specifically can you “Ethically” bribe your
prospects to give you their contact information?

Survey says (Pick A, B or C) …

A) The privilege of looking at your business
B) Promise them the moon

So hopefully the obvious answer again is “C” …

So what would be “GREATER VALUE” for your

Key Point – You need to know what is MOST
IMPORTANT to your prospects!

So how would you find out?

Here’s another simple multiple-choice for you…

A) Pray that you can figure it out
B) Give it your best guess
C) Ask them

So by now, I’m sure you’re not surprised that the
answer is “C” again! Wow …

So what specifically should we ask them?

First, you need to know what is most important to
your prospect … and not just any general answer …

Knowing how to find out specifically what is most
important to your prospects, is a CRITICAL KEY to
your success.

If you are talking to a prospect, the 1st step is to
make sure you have developed rapport.

Rapport is when your prospects feel that they know,
like, and trust you.

So how would you do that?… Especially if a prospect
doesn’t really know you?

Rather than tell you … Guess what I’m going to do…
I’m going to “ASK” a question …

How would you like to work with me personally?

If you’re ready, I’ve got everything laid out for you.

Today is the day for you to take action.


I’m really looking forward to having you part of
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