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50 most downloaded open source
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SmartDDlite -(Updated Note From Phil Eugene : This is probably my single favorite product - I use it every single day. It is one piece of software that is easy to use and stops the theft of your products dead in their tracks. I just can’t recommend it highly enough. It is so feature packed that you’ll be stunned that Frank is letting me sell this for $9 simply because he has moved on to bigger projects. Don’t even think about it ! It is fantastic. Just get it - if you don’t like it I will refund your money for life!)


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SmartDDlite is the best program for handling all your products and downloads. everything is taken care of from a central admin website and up until today (May 18 2008 ) you would pay between $69 to $97 to get this program. Because of a special arrangement I have with the scripts creator Frank Haywood I can sell it to you at an unbelievable discount during this Giveaway.

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SmartDDlite Release Notes


SmartDDlite Release Notes

Your basic rights are:-

[YES] Personal Use
[YES] Can install on as many domains as you personally own
[NO] Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell or give away
[NO] Can sell on auction sites such as eBay
[NO] Master Resale Rights
[NO] Your customers can resell
[NO] May give the right to resell this product
[NO] Private Label Rights
[NO] Can amend the product and call it your own

PayPal Button and Link Generator

Instead of having to logon to PayPal and go through their button factory to create a payment button or link for your website, you can now do it through SmartDDlite.

“So what?” you might think. Well, once you’ve copied the SmartDDlite button code to your web page, you never need to change it again.

Here’s what I mean. Say you decided to change the pricing of all your items. If you were using the PayPal button factory, you’d have to re-create every single button all over again and then paste it onto the sales pages of your web sites.

All you have to do with SmartDDlite is change the prices in the database. That’s it! No new button creation, and no web page editing to do.

It’s worth noting I’ve seen a standalone product that only does this, but none of the delivery or protection that SmartDDlite offers. They are asking $27.00 for a single domain licence, and $45.00 for multi-domain.

SmartDDlite can be installed on as many domains as you personally own.

In addition, we’ve also included “widget” code that you can place on your web page for both the title and the price, so when you update your SmartDDlite database, those details on your web page change too!

Secondary Redirects

We’ve added a secondary redirect URL and counter. How that works is that for the first counter you can set one URL which could be your /dlerror.php that gives a message that your customer should contact you. The secondary limit is an additional redirect when that limit is reached.

So if someone posted the link in a forum and you had it set to say 5 downloads, then at first it would work okay. Then it would give the “contact the admin” message, and finally it would redirect people wherever you want, which could be a sales page or your eBay store.

So you get the best of both worlds, let genuine customers know there’s a problem, and link sharers end up leaving a permanent link to wherever you want.


Customer Details Displayed on Their UNIQUE Download Page

By default, some personal details about your customer appear on your download page such as their real name and email address. If that doesn’t stop people from sharing their download links, we don’t know what will! You can easily remove this detail if you want by editing download.php.

Custom Emails Per Item / Auction

The v0.94 version has just one email type for all items. We’ve now added support for individual emails to be written, by saleable item. This allows you to cross-sell an item that is related to the item you’ve just sold, improving your ability to sell to a customer that is already “hot”.

Advanced Email Section Builder

For extra control and flexibility when creating your custom emails, we’ve included an email section builder. What you can do with this is to create common paragraphs and other details you may want to re-use with certain products you’re selling.

You can then add these sections together once they’re built to create different emails.

There are two section types, bodies and signatures, and you can add multiples of either when creating your emails. There’s no real difference between the two types, we only created them for convenience and reference when building your emails.

HTML Emails

You can now choose to send richly formatted emails instead of plain text. There are more details on this in the usage PDF in the download area.

Re-Sending Emails If your customer doesn’t receive the email with their download details, you can now re-send it with the click of a button.

“Display Names” or Different Filenames

If you don’t have access to place your files above the web root and instead have to store them in a directory inside your web space, you can now store the files with one name, but deliver them as something else.

e.g. you may have the file stored on the server as, but SmartDDlite renames and delivers the download as This closes the (minor) security hole for those people whose web host doesn’t allow access outside the web root.

It’s worth noting that the file extensions have to match. ie they both have to be .zip or .pdf etc.

Email Logs

You can now see every email sent and re-send if needed. On the email logs panel, the emails are stored exactly as they were sent (for reference), and if you re-send them from here, they’re sent as they originally were.

Updated Order Details Panel

The order details panel has been completely re-designed and is now much clearer to read. You have access to the PayPal transaction raw details and the download link sent to your customer. You can also re-send the customer email from this panel. Note that the email is re-generated based on the current email template, it isn’t a copy of the original email.

Transaction Search

You can now search ALL PayPal transactions by email address, customer surname and payment status. You can also use the * wildcard character to do pattern matching.

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